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Reading with Coffee

About Me

What  is mindful zoya?

  • Mindfulness represents a calm and clear mind and Zoya means life in Arabic.

  • Mindfulzoya stands for a life that is calm and peaceful but without hurting your mind and routine.


My journey

I am a lawyer as you know, but it is challenging to be in a business that is labeled as "Men’s business".


I am not a person who was born with a silver spoon, but a person who smashed those hurdles that had stopped me to achieve my dream. From Hindi medium to English gold medalist - From no school to IIM alumni - From a tech-novice  to techno phobic.  

I read a lot and I pursued my studies in math, physics, chemistry, and biology in school time; Arts and Law in graduation, and Human Resource as my Post Graduation subjects. 

In a constant pursuit to achieve my dream, I lost some of the precious things that mattered most to me; to make things worse, people went wrong. As a result, I  was trapped with emotions and my mind got stuck in negative thoughts - ultimately, depression took over me. However, because of my strong will and resilience - somewhere in mind - I came back on track. I have done lots of experiment with mind, as per suggested by gurus and meditations, but in practice nothing was helpful.

Ultimately, I realize that if I have to clam my mind, I need to lesson what it says to me and all these problems that used to bug me started vanishing away.

I am not saying that gurus, meditation, and other methods to clam your mind do not work, they do, but each one of experience and see the world with our own unique mindset. We perceived things with that unique mindset. When we all have different mindset, how can a single method/remedy can work for all.

To achieve these kinds of spirituality, you need to sit in a place like Himalaya. A place like India, Mumbai or Delhi or in the USA new york or somewhere crowded places will not fit for these practices.


Reason behind the blog

I am not here to tell you some method or give some mantra to deal with your problems, the internet is already full of such kind of stuff.

My life journey has made me realize that instead of humiliating you mind with outer world or feelings, and emotional stress, there is a simple idea to live a happy, fulfilling life. The idea is to lesson to your mind because at the end of the day, it acts as a boss that runs you from inside to deal with external forces. 

Be honest with your mind and feel the magic inside you as friendship with your own mind. I will tell you how I did this and believe me, there is no rocket science or some kind of HITT exercise behind it. Just one thing be alone for some time. Without gadgets, without people.


So let’s explore the world inside you with the great help of your mind and a little effort with me..............