• Shikha M

A perfect or better version of yourself

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well in life.

Today’s episode is about being

a PERFECT HUMAN. But seriously is that possible, let’s see first what it is?

Before moving forward let’s talk about the word PERFECT

What is the meaning of the word perfect?

Definition of perfect

a: being entire without fault or def


a perfect diamond

b: satisfying all requirements: ACCURATE

c: corresponding to an ideal standard or abstract concept

a perfect gentleman

d: faithfully reproducing the original

source:-Perfect | Definition of Perfect

After looking at the definition did anyone realize that the work perfectly doesn’t exist.

It was just a creation of the mind to define certain things and the definition itself has lots of defects.

Well we are not criticizing here to anyone or anything, the reason why I mention the definition of perfect here is

After we define something we start working to achieve that thing in life, for example, if you define a goal in life to become successful you act for that success, but before defined it be sure what it means for you and defined it accordingly not just dictionary meaning.

“Be wary of someone who has never failed, or seems to have no faults... Too good to be true usually is. Perfection hides something.”

Henry Cloud

Let come to the episode again.

People want to be perfect in their work or life, People pretend to be perfect, but in reality, it is not possible, the human brain never designs to be perfect it design to learn, doing, making mistakes, and learn from that mistake.

A person you think is perfect is a person who learns from his or her mistake improve it and go on, in short, a person facing THOUSAND FAILURE is a perfect person.

The easy people around the world are not perfect in their work, in fact, they do mistakes in their daily works sometimes, but it is perfectly fine if you are not perfect.

When you define perfect and achieve that perfection your mind transforms into a fixed mindset, which is dangerous to you as it will hold you in that position of perfection that you defined.

I read somewhere that never be a perfect person, always be a person better than before.

So never do this mistake to become a perfect person, because they do not exist, and if exist they lay about themselves.

Analyze yourself throughout life and work accordingly to improve yourself and for that experiment read self-help books they can do a miracle if you follow them properly.

For this you don’t have to analyze yourself on a daily basis as good things are not happening in a day or a week, just set a duration to analysis maybe it is in quarter half-year or in 2 or 3 years.

Define your perfection as better than before personality

Image source-https://risingjunkiri.com/be-better-version-of-yourself/

How to do this practice:-

  1. Stop finding role module of a perfect person

  2. Define it by yourself

  3. Keep growing

  4. Analyze your behavior from time to time

  5. Read a lot

  6. Overcome fix mindset situation

  7. Consistency work

  8. Make a habit