• Shikha M

Brain - The Ultimate Manager

Generally, when I wake up early in the morning I don’t touch a single gadget and the very first thing I do in the morning was de-cluttering my mind with writing thought into a dairy, last night because of some business purpose, I was looking for some machinery, there was very interesting thing written over there a power of the machine i.e Horsepower.

Today, when I wake up early in the morning and want to write something, there is thought to come to my mind, that you always measure the power of everything but never thought how I work for you.

I suddenly realize that this is my brain which is complaining, although I take good care of mind through give it a proper diet, brain exercise etc.(will give you deep inside in how to train your brain segment).

Generally, I write my episode on MIND but this episode is all about the BRAIN, why so?

The answer behind this is that when we Talk about MIND it include