• Shikha M

Difference Between Self-Centred and Being Selfish

Fortunately, life is extremely valuable, and taking care of one's life is equally valuable. We're talking about the universe, and there are two types of worlds, according to popular belief: the outer world and the inner world. You can't deal with your outside problems if you don't know what's going on inside. We can help you with mind life and management.

People are usually disturbed when someone or something affects them, and this feeling lasts a long time because mental healing takes time. So, how do you cope with such a situation or people? Simply observe them, and if you see anything that indicates that this thing is going to affect you in the long run, walk away or take a step back. Every living being in this world has the natural instinct to flee or hide when faced with a danger.

The tortoise is an example of this sort of animal. Did you notice how it reacted to danger? When they come across a potentially dangerous situation, they retreat to their shelter. So, how do you deal with your personal safety? Simply be SELF-CENTRED; anything that comes your way must be filtered through a certain criterion that best describes you in the long run, as they are appropriate for you according to your nature.

I was scrolling through one of the apps when I came across this lovely quote.

Wrapping up

These sentences, in my opinion, are the bible for life. We don't have power over situations because they arise naturally, but we can manage our feelings by watching how others respond in the moment.

It's not because you're being greedy when you become self-centered; it's just that you're protecting yourself and your mental wellbeing. Most people assume you're being selfish, but that's not a problem; don't blame them for their actions because they don't understand.

Since self-awareness is more important than anything, if you do not deal with the inner world inside you, you will undoubtedly face problems in this world.

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