• Shikha M

Gadgets a Morden Jail

Now an era of big data and technologies there are few things which we are missing here

The thing that is called LIFE a life without stress and good health, we sometimes hear about the worlds oldest people but do you know there lifestyle or way of living a good life.

Humans invent technology as per there needs but as I always said human mind is great in its working and can make you slave if you are not working with it.

The most affected people from this situation are those people from the age group of 14 to 50 years people, gadgets.

Nowadays there are so many apps which make peoples busy and leave them inside those apps, I know whoever reading this is also having some kind of these apps in your mobiles.

Now think about it, in 24 hours in a day, when you use such kind of app where is the productivity, although there is some app which helps in productivity and helps you to stays away from your mobile or gadgets but believes me I also try them they create more addiction as we are looking towards them, as a result, are we productive. So they are just another app for no addiction, which gives you more addiction.

As a lawyer, I meet through so many criminals in jail and know-how they fee in such type of atmosphere, but imagine outside the jail are we also not in open jail?

Slave of technology, apps are kind of virtual jail, I write this blog when we are lockdown and at home when I was at home I observe that everyone around me is having some sort of technology and they purchase a subscription for the pass their time, and I was amazed why people do so when they have a good time to know more about themselves and come up with their new version, instead of using this time they just waste it for some kind of small pleasure

Life Without Gadgets

People born before the 1980’s would very well relate to life before the information age when people had no access to the internet or personal gadgets. Let's briefly walk down the memory lane to relive those moments — a life without gadgets.

  • Children played together outdoor — they had a lot of physical activity.

  • People talked to each other more often, and verbal communication face-face was at its peak.

  • Chat jargon did not exist and people knew their spellings well, as they read more books.

  • People enjoyed spending more time outdoors with family and friends.

  • It was commonplace to get the news from a newspaper or radio.

  • Entertainment came from playing board games, playing sports, going to the movies, watching VHS tapes, etc.

  • Writers often used either a type-writer or a word processor on their computers.

  • Computers were expensive and bulky.

  • Doing research was hard; frequent visits to the library or scouring through a plethora of papers, books, etc. were necessary.

  • Communication was slow.