• Shikha M

Living Life

In this whole world nowadays there is one thing which is everywhere that is AI

Artificial intelligence.

People like a different assistant program for there daily work or just when they are lazy and more, just because of it there is so much change in our lives and we accept it, all such technology is doing a great job and they fulfill human desires and advance there life.

What we mean through advance, everything in fast now we can do what we want in our time easily because of these things

But there is one thing that we always miss, that is OBSERVATION - Observation of all beautiful things around us, the feelings and living of real-life which gives us life lesson and experience which we share with other people or with your friends

People generally in a relationship or in a general complain that there is no such common topic or not even a topic for social gathering, a few years ago, people use less technology and they are much aware of there surrounding so they talk with each other on those topics.

Now a day whether there is a social gathering or lectures or some kind of event was there, I observe that they do not even look at such speaker or performance instead they are recording it in there mobiles to see it when they have time or for showing them to the world as there status.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

This show the reality, see the lady in white hair, she lives in the moment at the time of the event.

I am not blaming any technology or gadgets but talking about real facts, which is fare.

We make all the things for our entertainment and easier our life and task, but practically we are a slave of such technology.

I give you one simple example that sometimes happens to me, we like any post or any social media or google it like it and just take screenshots of those things and forgot about it, our devices are full of such things but we do not even look it back.

Talking all these things above I just want to take my people’s attention towers live living.

Live living is the only thing which makes you happy, without any cost or any effort. all things are happening around us need to be observed for better learning and its a real exercise for the brain for its growth when you live in the present world and know the details of surrounding your mind staring thinking about those things and it feels alive and clam, think about the great idea of grate mind, they all come when great mind observe and feel.

So next time you go somewhere it is my advice to please take your technology in a pocket and live the movement observe it and grow with it.

Live leaving is just not a need it is a mental exercise that helps towards mindfulness.

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