• Shikha M

Human Mind: The Ultimate Loaded Weapon

Weapons are the most dangerous thing for humanity in this world, various nations have different ways of developing them, some people make them for the survival of mankind, while others make them to rule.

My mind life and management blogs will guide you how not to stress out and maintain a balance between your mind and emotional well-being. Have you ever considered that each individual possesses their own weapon in the form of their Mind?

Please allow me to clarify

When you rise or fall, when you succeed or fail, when you are happy or sad, when you are angry or when you are calm, all of these situations are within your mind, which is analytical, and they are just a few fleeting emotions which leaves a few lasting feelings of enjoyment and pain, which last a long time. But there was one thing we overlooked.


The main point in life is what you believe, and I'm not suggesting that these feelings aren't real. We are emotional beings, and even simple things like our friend's possession will make us jealous. These feelings shape who we are and change how we interact with the world. They will propel you forward ten years if you feel good and send you back ten years if you experience disappointment.

If you don't know how to handle your weapons, this is a mind that is a gun, and feelings are bullets that are caused by the mind from time to time. So, before pulling the trigger on your gun, it's a good idea to learn and practice how to use it, and the easy response is to watch the Life Risk Management episode.