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Purpose Of Life

This episode is very common nowadays, everyone talk about it, find your purpose in life, there must be a unique element in that purpose and lots of other stuff.

But I am here to talk about PURPOSE OF LIFE

Purpose in life and purpose of life are totally different things if you are talking about purpose in life that means, SOMETHING WHICH IS TEMPORARY when you achieve that purpose your growth will stop and you led to shrinking.

On the other hand, when you have the purpose of life you kept growing, did you see the big giant tree somewhere they are older enough like about 120 years or more but they do not stop growing, this is their purpose of life.

So instead of finding some small purpose in life its better to find the purpose of life, recently I finished a book called IKIGAI the Japanese secret for a happy and long life by -

And I am amazed that this book contains exactly everything which gives you a long and happy life, 1st of all a great thank you to the author for outstanding work.

Now let’s talk about how to find the purpose of life

It’s just simple






And there is no much effort that we need to fulfill our small life purpose


Self-care contains overall care and protection of your body and mind from negative things and thought and Activities are those which give you satisfaction and growth in life to make a rotation.

Self-care and activities are different episodes which you can find in here.

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