• Shikha M


1. There is a simple mantra behind the success you just have to move with consistency.

2. Stay away from toxic people in life is the first step to success

3. Love yourself, act like COCONUT- stay soft from inside, and hard to the world is a better way of success.

4. Follow two big C to achieve your dream- courage & consistency.

5. People who blame you, are those who don’t have the courage to do; what you are doing they just cover their failure by blaming others.

6. Wearing a mask is now essential outdoors but if you have courage and strong willpower your aura will definitely shine.

7. when we talk about success, we talk about a good career, better lifestyle but success comes inside when you are able to control yourself and become a deeply rooted person.

8. Never work for money, always work to learn something new something better, because money can not buy happiness for you but when you happy and that work it will definitely your money.

9. There is a theory called pleasure and pain in this world, if you spread pain everywhere how you expect pleasure from others.

10. Work hard- work hard, work hard, work heard people always say this I say never work heard make some calculation, make mindmap and work smart.

11. Getting things done in the not right way if you do not learn from it, because it’s god’s class with an undefined syllabus, you never know what is going to happen.