• Shikha M

Would you like you when you meet you?

Would you like you when you meet you?

Interesting question right

Hello everyone, today’s episode is all about yourself,

Whenever we meet someone or a new person, if we empress by his personality we admire him or her and want to be in touch with this person, a person who is having a charm on the face, with a smile and a gentle behavior and a good knowledge attracts everyone in party/ place.

But think about this persona, and where we stand, that’s what I wrote today’s episode-

Go in front of the mirror and ask yourself, in future would you like you, if you meet you?

I am gonna tell you how it works to enhance your personality, suppose you are attracted by some person in your circle and admire him or her a lot, think about what is inside him or her which makes him so attracted in your opinion.

And then compare your behavior towards the world, is everything ok, lots of question come into your mind,

few of them are listed here-

  1. Are you satisfied with your present work?

  2. What’s wrong with you in your personal life?

  3. Whatever happened in past is that worth it?

  4. Where this all anger comes from?

  5. Why are you so unhappy?

  6. Are you blaming yourself or everyone?

  7. Why did you feel inferiority complex?

  8. Why there is an error in life?

  9. Is there any fear, anxiety, or depression that you are facing but didn’t know how to deal with it?

  10. Is there nay emptiness in life?

When you read this question, you must be thinking, why I mention all these questions here, I did it because these are the core values in life, if one of them or all of them comes into yes form then there is an issue with you which need to be fix.

Those of the people don’t like their life at present life, because they have complaints enough,

Example- it’s Monday today, why it comes? So my dear Monday is Monday and it comes every week after Sunday so what’s wrong with this- let me tell you wrong is your Job, which you do not enjoy. Or maybe a routine that you follow on Sunday… if you hamper your Sunday with lots of daily work or unnecessary work, you must be tired on Monday morning which is a reason, you hate Monday… so instead of balming Monday just shift your hectic schedule on Saturday afternoons and enjoy your Sunday in Chill mood, trust me your Monday will be fine.

Now come to those people who always smile and do not fear anything in life and take it as cool, and you identified them as a cool guy or a chilling girl, believe me, they are those people who identified their life issues, fix them and shine.

In fact, some of them are so expert to handle any situation, I can say this with my personal experience as I meet so many people having issues in their life but they feel relax. Because the situation taught a person a lot.

It’s all about management in life, and manage it at a right time.

So here is an answer, would you like you if you meet you - yes

How now you know the road map to fix this problem.

“Have a good habit, make yourself sunshine who is always bright and go forward in life and meet yourself with a big smile and happiness in your eyes.”